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The Pet's Couture Goes To - Pawfest 2019

The Pet's Couture Goes To - Pawfest 2019 AUTHOR The Pet's Couture / PUBLISHED: 25- SEPT - 2019 Pawfest 2019 broke the Singapore Book of Records - with a record 80 dogs lapping around for a memorable photo wearing PETS Bandana, a design devised by us! Pawfest 2019 was spectacular, we had a record 800 registered paw-rents attending the event spread across 3 days, and we had so much fun when all of you dropped by our booth to support our brand. Also this year, we wanted to do something special. Remember #beautyundiscovered? The campaign where we raise awareness for shelter animals such as cats and dogs by glamming them up with some of our exclusive collars and snap them...

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The Pet's Couture Goes To - Taipei Pet Expo 2019

The Pet's Couture Goes To - Taipei Pet Expo AUTHOR The Pet's Couture / PUBLISHED: 24- SEPT - 2019 The Pet's Couture went down to Taipei earlier this September for Taipei Pets Expo 2019. Man, we were truly overwhelmed from the support by paw-rents. Trust us, The Pet's Couture Team took a leap of faith and went head on to Taipei's Pet Expo and we were astonished by the support we have received from paw-rents. Even paw-rents from Hong Kong came down to our booth to visit us. Looking back from how The Pet's Couture's luxury pet collars came to life 9 years ago, we were glad we took this opportunity to showcase how we've come so far. Special thanks...

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High Five Dog Talent Competition @ i12 featuring Cesar Milan

High Five Dog Talent Competition at i12 Katong Featuring Cesar Millan AUTHOR THE PET'S COUTURE / EVENTS / PUBLISHED: MAR-19-2019 Event highlights of High Five Dog Talent Competition in i12 Katong on the 15th and 16th of April 2019, with guest appearance from Cesar Milan. It was a joyous occasion, with many pawrents and furry friends visiting The Pet's Couture team on site. When it comes to being an amazing pet parent, you guys are moving along with the times. — Cesar Millan The Pet's Couture team was in full force this weekend, and we met so many fur-friends and paw-rents who were there to see Cesar Millan in person. We were also the proud sponsor of the High Five...

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I12Pawfest Catweek

The Pet's Couture Goes To I12 PawFest 2018 - Cat Weekend WRITTEN BY THE PET'S COUTURE TEAM   / PUBLISHED: 05/ SEPT / 2018 A huge thank you to all our paw-rents for visiting us and hanging out with us on our booth. We can't thank you enough. It was an amazing week. On the first weekend of September, The Pet's Couture Team made their way to I12 @ Katong to participate in Pawfest 2018, courtesy of PETS. We were swarmed with so many paw-rents with their feline fur-kids (it was the cat weekend by the way!), that we wished that we had grown another pair of hands just to pet on all of them! To add on, our very...

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Dr Poh - Heroine of the Week (International Women's Day March Feature)

  Dr Poh – Saving animals’ lives, against all odds. Dr Poh is a veterinarian by profession, working in The Animal Hospital, Murdoch University in Western Australia. She has seen it all, and fought through battles on a daily basis, saving animals’ lives, and losing some. Nevertheless, these hard-fought battles have strengthened her will; she’s working together with students in ICU / emergency care and at the same time, enrolled in a double Masters program with a focus on clinical and research component. The Pet’s Couture delves deeper into the life of the experienced vet (pun intended), and how Harvey and Heston (two good looking cats) brought joy to her life. The Pet's Couture: Hi there Dr Poh, give us...

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