Angie Lim - Heroine of the Week (An International Women's Day March Feature)

Angie Lim – The Charismatic Ladyboss, Paw-rent of Coco the Pomeranian

Angie Lim is the managing director of Citrus Media Pte Ltd, an independent media company that publishes Clubpets magazine which aims to provide educational pet’s related contents for all paw-rents.

While her team are hard at work, Coco the Pomeranian serves the frontline as the ambassador and regular model for Clubpets. The Pet Couture explores the dynamics between the both of them.

The Pets Couture : Tell us about yourself Angie!

Angie: I am Angie Lim, the Managing Director of Citrus Media Pte Ltd, an independent media company with a portfolio of consumer and trade publications such as Clubpets magazine, Blissful Brides magazine & Hospitality Resource Directory. At the heart of everything that we do is the desire to provide solutions where they’re needed. These solutions are articulated and directed to the different audiences captured by our omnichannel - Print, Digital and Events. 

The Pet’s Couture: What made you venture into pets’ magazine (Clubpets)

Angie: When we started Citrus Media almost 16 years ago, all of us at Citrus are pet lovers. Back then, there wasn’t any pet magazine available in Singapore. So, we thought of starting a pet lifestyle magazine that can help pet owners by providing useful tips and solutions on pet's healthcare, nutrition, grooming, training and behavioral issues.

 Angie and Coco - Never separable.

The Pet’s Couture: Working in the publication industry is very demanding, share us your secret on how you persevered and survive for 15.5 years.

Angie: I believe that having passion and a strong belief in what you do is the fuel to sustain and drives you to persist through any challenges. In Citrus, we believe in helping people, we see ourselves as a bridge to connect our advertisers with the consumers and at the same time to produce useful contents and providing solutions tailored for the consumers’ needs.

The Pet’s Couture: Speaking of Clubpets, Coco is the adorable ambassador! Tell us more!


Overqualified - Coco is the ambassador, model, and the shining star in the company. 

Angie:  Coco is our Clubpets ambassador and is well loved by many of our readers! I felt that having an official figure will help to put a face to the publication and present our magazine in a more lively and captivating way. Our weekly Coco's Blog is a popular section which features products & services reviewed by Coco. This is unlike the traditional way of writing about a product which may be "dry" and not attractive at times. 

The Pet’s Couture:  How did Coco come into your life?

Angie:  When I decided to "recruit" an ambassador for Clubpets, I was contemplating which breed would be suitable. I came across Boo, the famous Pomeranian in USA which has 7 million Facebook likes back then. I never knew Pomeranians can look so cute, almost like a teddy bear. So I started searching for a Pomeranian similar to Boo and found Coco at a pet shop in 2012. I fell in love with her instantly as she looks like a living soft toy - so fluffy and adorable. I knew I had to bring Coco home with me, she was exactly 3 months old when she officially became a part of our family. 

The Pet’s Couture: Has Coco influence the way you live your life?

Angie: Coco is a source of happiness and has brought so much joy to me and my employees ever since she entered our lives. Everyone in the office loves and dotes on her, to the extent that she’s like a spoilt princess in the office. I would bring her to work on days when I am not going out for meetings. However, on the days when I didn't bring Coco to the office, I would miss her and hope to get home at the soonest so that I can spend time with her. She’s very close to me, especially when she’s out of home, she will be very clingy and stick to me all the time. Sometimes when I am feeling tired, stressed or upset, I would just look at her and it would instantly lighten my tension or mood. 

The Pet’s Couture: If you had superpowers for a day, what would you like to contribute to the pet’s world?

Angie: I would like to build a pets haven to house, feed and take care of all the stray pets that are abandoned, tortured or in hunger. Pets are man’s good companion or even man’s best friend, yet there’s still some irresponsible pet owners who abandon them for selfish reasons. So I really hope that all pets are being taken care and provided for too.

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