Knight of Wardhurst - Only a Paw-Knight worthy of protecting its King and Queen will be able to don this collar of such grandeur. Laced with Swarovski Crystals; Gold Studs, Red Jewels and Gold Chain which shimmers and obliterates all foes that obstructs the Paw-Knight’s Path To Victory.

T h e   m a k i n g s   o f   K N I G H T   o f   W A R D H U R S T   c o l l a r

Duration of Stitching

The workmanship of the Knight of Wardhurst took our artisanal team a total of 86 hours, consisting of more than 200 double threaded stitches.


Swarovski Crystals

More than 50 genuine Swarovski Crystals handsewn individually with matching high quality red jewels, embellishments, gold studs and rhodium anti rust fashion chains handpicked individually by PawGlam! 's Founder from various parts of the world.


Genuine Collar

Genuine Calf leather collar lined with high grade velvet finishing.


Product Specifications

Price: S$340 S size / S$460 M size

Size: Hand crafted in 1 piece in S and M each

Collar Material: Genuine Calf Leather Collar

Collar lined with high grade velvet finishing

Embellishments: More than 50 kinds of White high shine genuine Swarovski crystals, red jewels, embellishments, gold studs and rhodium chains doubled stitched

Duration of stitching: 86 hours


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