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Argentinian Dog Stays By His Master’s Grave For Six Years


Capitán, a mutt who is some parts German Shepard, disappeared from his home in the small town of Villa Carlos Paz in the center of Argentina following the death of his owner, Miguel Guzmán, in March of 2006.

For days, nobody in Guzmán’s family noticed the absence of the dog, until the family visited Miguel’s grave at a municipal cemetery.  Even though the family called to the dog, he stayed by his master’s grave.

This surprised them as Miguel had passed away in a hospital in the city and his body was taken to a funeral home far away from their residence.  None of the family members recalled the dog following them to the cemetery before.

The wife of Miguel, Verónica didn’t really like the dog when he was living with her.  Even when he was brought home as a gift, she thought Capitán would cause too much extra housework.

But now that she’s seen the dog stand so loyally by her husband’s grave, she says she views the Capitán more sympathetically.

The municipal cemetery’s director, Héctor Baccega, says the dog has a special sense for Miguel and a very particular schedule.  The first time Baccega saw the dog, Capitán arrived at the cemetery alone.  The dog then did a couple of laps around the place before finding his master’s grave — all on his own.  “And that’s not all,” Baccega said. “Every day, at six in the evening, he lies in the front of (Miguel’s) grave.”

And even though the dog’s other owner, 13-year-old Damián, fondly remembers receiving Capitán as a puppy when he was a kid, he told the paper he is fine with Capitán’s new living arrangements.

“If he wants to stay there, it’s fine that he remains: he’s taking care of my dad,” he said.

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Homeless Woman and Feral Cat Save Each Other


Roza Katovitch and a black and white cat named Miss Tuxedo found each other in the unlikeliest of places – a gravesite in Colma, CA.

In 2000, Katovitch lost her boyfriend Rich to a heart aneurysm. Her father died three days later. Grief stricken, she was sent into a tailspin of depression and illness and eventually lost her job. A few years later, Katovitch lost her apartment when her building was sold.

Homeless and with her depression deepening, she spent most days at Rich's grave in Colma. It was there she met Miss Tuxedo.

The cemeteries in Colma are home to many feral cats, who hunt gophers and other rodents. Katovitch knew most of them by sight and named a few. While feral cats aren't overly friendly to humans, it seems Miss Tuxedo needed Katovitch as much as Katovitch needed her.

"I'd be fixing a vase for Rich, and she'd be pushing her head under my hands," she said. "It was like she was saying, 'No, no, love me.' Suddenly I had a purpose. I don't know why, but this cat loved me."

Seeing and caring for Miss Tuxedo relieved some of Katovitch's isolation, and took her mind off her grief. Soon, she applied for affordable housing and won a unit at a complex in nearby San Mateo. Her roommate? Miss Tuxedo.

"I got permission to bring her," Katovitch said. "My doctor said my life depended on it. I guess it does."

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Dog In A Wheelchair Travels All Over The Country With His Photographer Dad


Everyone, meet Mel - a dog in a wheelchair who travels across the country together with his photographer dad.  Now who would’ve thought that a dog who could barely walk would end up traveling all over the country?

Mel, an 8-year-old Pit Bull, was adopted from the Yonkers Animal Shelter by his dad, Tom Dilworth.  Tom told The Dodo, “We went to the Yonkers Animal Shelter to see another dog when we noticed Mel. I had stopped for a moment when he then placed his head on my leg. Well, that was it!

Mel wasn’t in the wheelchair that time. It was only after Tom adopted Mel that he noticed that there was something wrong with his balance, and it was getting worse.  It turns out that Mel has a neurological disease that affects his balance. The disease is not painful for Mel, but it does make it a little difficult to get around.  

So to make moving around easier for Mel, his humans gave him a wheelchair.  With Mel’s wheelchair, he can walk and run around with his parents.

Now that that Mel has a wheelchair, he can travel across the country with his dad.  And he’s definitely loving it. Mel enjoys tagging along with his dad wherever he goes.

And since his dad is a professional photographer, he gets to go to beautiful, scenic places!

Even though Mel loves walking in his wheelchair, he also enjoys getting a free ride!  

And one thing is for sure, Mel is loving his life.

So you see, shelter dogs are not broken. And they all need a chance at having a loving family and a happy life.


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