PawGlam X Cine Star Pet's Boutique

(The Pet's Couture Team with Sunny Chong and MediaCorp Celebrity Le Yao)

While everyone's at it huat-ing and visiting relatives during the Festive new year, The Pet's Couture team and Sunny Chong collaborated in a retail concept with dogged determination (pun intended).

Sunny Chong's name rings a bell in many of the pet's community in Singapore, particularly in dogs. He is well re-known for his impeccable and satisfaction guaranteed obedience training programme for dog and dog owners alike in Singapore. Now, he has ventured into productions and and glamour shoots. For more information on Sunny Chong's Dog Training School, visit this link to find out more. 

With the studio set up, we collaborated with Sunny Chong to bring you PawGlam! Collars into their new pet store. With a slight twist to the usual designs that our Chief Designer Aiwei does.

PawGlam Exclusive Collection - The Knight of Wardhusrt (adorned with Swaroski Crystals and other rhine stones, one collar took the artisans close to 70 hours). Talk about royalty.

Last Crown of Helmesfield - Another PawGlam Exclusive Collection only available @ CinePets. The embellishments are sourced out from various parts of the world. For example, the gold centerpiece was sourced out from South Korea, and the Swarovski crystals from Hong Kong.

Our Chief Designer Aiwei posing proudly with our latest PawGlam Collections - only one size each (S and M respectively) for the lucky fur-kid)

Our Artisans hard at work to maximise the aesthetics of the store. Because it's about #aesthetics

We still have our regular PawGlam! products up on the shelf! Psst! This includes our latest designs for the Spring Collections!

 That's all folks! Be sure to check out our latest designs for Spring


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