Adeline Kwong : Heroine of the Week (International Women's Day Feature)

Adeline Kwong – Full Time Warrior, Full Time Paw-rent of 5.

In today’s feature we have Adeline Kwong; a pet celebrity influencer of 4 adorable poodles and 1 Cavoodle, and a dear patron of The Pet’s Couture.

An accountant, Adeline sets aside SGD$1,500 a month to meet the needs of her 5 puppers; which includes grooming, accessories and food. Besides that, Adeline and her army of five do their part in raising funds for Purely Adoptions that aids in rehoming rescued animals. The Pet’s Couture Team was truly astonished by the dedication to her puppers and to the general welfare of pets. We get up close and personal with her to understand more about her indomitable will and heart of such magnitude.

The Pet’s Couture : We checked out your Instagram and you have a total of 5 puppers. Tell us how did you meet them and was it love at first sight?

Adeline's Army of Five that has changed her life in many ways, in particular her kitchen layout.

Adeline: I met Abbie at a pet store and it was love at first sight. She gave me the puppy eyes and was (still is) super cute! Then came Yuki. I was finding a companion for Abbie and I found out that she had the same barkday as Abbie, and found her cute and decided to buy her. After that was Yumi. I found her on a pet’s store Facebook page and saw her photos, she was a silver tiny toy poodle. Decided to go down and have a look, and I fell in love with her. Back then, she was just the size of my palm, and my heart melted and I just took her in. Miki came into the picture. She had a history of two owners; the first kept her in her garden and she was not allowed into the house, the second adopted her but due to busy schedules, the family couldn’t keep up with Miki and she was lonely. So the owner contacted me and I adopted her. Finally, there’s Mika. I adopted her from a friend when she was 7 months old. I had been eyeing her since her birth, and succumbed to her puppy eyes.

The Pet’s Couture : What are the pains and joys of raising them? Tell us your victories and struggles!

As much and they are living the princess life.

Miki would be the choosy one as she is picky when it comes to food. Mika will only eat her meals when I am around, so I have to be there the entire time. Yumi, on the other hand, will give you the puppy eyes when she’s done something wrong. I tried to scold her for her mistakes, but my heart melts and that’s where I stop scolding. Abbie’s clingy, I have to always carry her when I am out. Yuki’s naughty, she bullies Mika so I have to keep a close watch.

Nevertheless, the joy of raising them is a priceless experience. Spending my days with them; while they look at you with their tongues sticking out and tail wagging non-stop gives me a sense of pride and satisfaction, knowing that they are happy being with me.

As much as how spoilt the princesses are, Adeline believes that all pets deserve the care and attention from their owners, and she has been volunteering in organisations such as Purely Adoptions to make that stand.

The Pet’s Couture : Has your life changed ever since?

Adeline: Well, that’s more chores and cooking but after a hard day, it’s all worth it by looking at their happy expressions; being happy and well-fed. Whenever I am stressed out from work, I will just play with them for some respite. Oh, I have a big chest freezer too! The normal freezer’s space was not enough to store all the meat. So in essence, my life changed, and so did my kitchen layout.

The Pet’s Couture : Managing work, family and all these puppers, tell us the secret on how you fight adversities in life.

Adeline : Well, no matter how stressful I am from work, at the end of the day I know that I have my 5 princesses that greet me daily and unconditional love. So no matter how bad my day can be, the next morning is another brand new day to begin.

Adeline spends her free time giving back to society, both humans and pets. Here is Miki providing comfort to old folks at nursing homes.


For Abbie and Yuki's barkday in 2016 & 2017 , Adeline donated a sum of money back to Purely Adoptions, an organisation that helps rehome rescued animals as soon as possible.

Yumi proudly posing for Flag Day this year. 

The Pet’s Couture : Craziest thing that you have done for your dogs?

Adelline : I probably did a few crazy things that would make an average person’s jaws drop.

Yuki when i just brought her home and she needs to sleep inside the playpen. So, there was this one time where there was heavy downpour and thunders looming. She was afraid and didn’t dare to sleep. As a doting and responsible paw-rent, I decided to sleep on the floor inside the playpen just to make her relax and it worked!

Lastly, the amount of custom made leashes and dresses is another jaw dropper. Currently, I have a collection of 42 custom made leashes, 89 custom made dresses and over 1,000 normal clothes for them.

The Pet’s Couture : Oh wow! That’s over a 1,000 worth of accessories just for 5! If you had superpowers for a day, what would you like to achieve?

Adeline : I would love to have power to sense locations of stray dogs and rescue them. Living in the wild can be dangerous; especially when they need to find their own sustenance in forested areas, and it can get cold at night. So a nice warm shelter with a roof over their heads would give them protection from nature’s harsh conditions.

Wanna check out Adeline Kwong and her 5 adorable puppers? Follow them on Instagram.

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