The Pet's Couture Collaboration with Cream Brother's 10th Birthday Charity Party

Hong Kong's famous celebrity cat Cream Brother's 10th birthday was held at the convenience store where he calls home.  This was the first collaboration The Pets Couture had with Cream Brother as a birthday bash and charity event.  The birthday party's theme "以爱传爱", revolves around spreading love and giving love.  Many of Cream Brother's merchandise and mementos, ranging from his printed books from Taiwan and Japan, to tee shirts, mugs, stickers, umbrellas, Hp casings, earrings necklaces and folders were sold on his birthday.  The proceeds of the sale goes to the Cream Brother Foundation, which was set up to create awareness against animal abuse, aid animal rights and the welfare of stray animals in Hong Kong.

The Pet's Couture is proud to be part of this event and the founder of PawGlam!, Aiwei, specially designed a pair of lovers' PawGlam! collars to dress up Cream Brother and his lovely wife, Mui Mui.  Besides dressing up the famous cat couple, PawGlam! and Peluré collaborated with Cream Brother and specially designed his first range of fashion merchandise.   

Personalized and limited edition, 3 sets of CreamXPeluré walking caps and matching scarves and 2 sets of small and medium CreamXPawGlam! Collars were sold at Cream Brother's birthday event, in the name charity. 

The little convenience store was swarmed with media and fans on 2nd August 2015, with more than 20 media sources covering the event and drones of fans gathered to meet the well-loved mega pet star.  A fan made candied faces of Cream Brother and Mui Mui on cookies as gifts to the couple too.  The meaningful charity event was covered by big sponsors ranging from goldsmith shop 周大福, to bakeries, sponsoring various products for Cream Brother to auction them off to raise funds for his foundation.   

Happy Birthday Cream Brother!  Kudos to such a meaningful celebration by extending your love and touching many lives, both humans and animals.


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