Story of Sweetpea

I may not be able to walk on all fours again, nor jump like any ordinary cat. But I will never give up on life. I am still looking for the perfect home.

- Sweetpea, 2 - 3 years old, Female -

Sweetpea’s injuries remains unknown – it was speculated that it might have been a vehicular accident of something more sinister in nature. When rescuers came, her injuries were bad enough that it removed her ability to walk and run like a cat. It took her 4 months to recover, but that has not dampen her personality – as her namesake goes.

Sweetpea is wearing Claudia by PawGlam!, a RomanceGlam! Collar by PawGlam! collection.

Sweetpea is wearing Faith, a RomanceGlam! Collar by PawGlam! collection.

More About Sweetpea

Fosterer's Perspective

Are these cats any different from the normal cats that we are so comfortable in interacting?

Dayne : Sweetpea is not an overly affectionate cat, perhaps due to her horrific past. She is neither active nor energetic, due to her history of not being able to walk properly. However, she likes to laze around in her soft bed, just to watch the world goes by. She will only walk when there’s food or when she visits the litter box. Sweetpea might not fit into the “cute and easy to handle” cat-egory. Sweetpea needs someone who understands her and that will warm her up, help her come out of her shell.

If you have a message that you would like to reach out to potential fosterers, what would it be?

Dayne : As her name goes, she is extremely sweet. Even during her worst moments, and I mean going through change of medical dressings, which is painful, that never gave her the incentive to bite anyone. She is a cat that would rather choose to suffer in silence.

Potential adopters must be willing to spend some time in simple play to keep her active, as it is not healthy for her to just lay around. She is motivated by food, and it is a good way to bond with her. She can be very timid, and find corners to hide. Adopters have to be patient with her.

I recommend adopters with prior cat ownership experience as Sweetpea can be a challenge. However, Sweetpea remains a trusting cat.

Did raising Sweetpea taught you something on life?

Dayne : Sweetpea’s resilience reminds me of why one should never give up. Yes, she is NEVER going to be able to walk on all fours again, she will never jump like before, and she is still alive. She is looking for the perfect home. If Sweetpea doesn’t give up on life, that is a valuable lesson for us humans.

More Information on Sweetpea

Age : 2 to 3 years old

Gender : Female

Vaccination : Healthy and Vaccinated

Adoption : Ready

Litter trained: Litter trained

FIV /FeLV Status : Negative

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