Story of Grey

Hello Hoomans, I am Grey and my fosterer says that I am very sociable and highly affectionate cat. I demand head sayangs on the regular.

- Grey, 6 - 7 years old, Female -

Grey is wearing a customised PawGlam! Collar

Grey is wearing a customised PawGlam! Collar

More About Grey

Fosterer's Perspective

Are these cats any different from the normal cats that we are so comfortable in interacting?

Personally, I don’t think there is ‘normal’ or ‘non-normal’ cats. It is more on the basic characteristic of the cat. Given time to socialise and interact with humans, a feral cat can be equally loving.

If you have a message that you would like to reach out to potential fosterers, what would it be?

Fostering is a rewarding experience. It gives the kitties a chance to experience love and to love. It helps to socialize them so that their chances of being adopted is higher

To the current fosterers - awesome job you are doing, keep it up. Its never easy but absolute respect to you

Did Grey teach you something on life?

I learn from them – appreciation, patience, respect of the universe.


Grey is one of the 19 Caldecatts who lived on Caldecott Hill premises. We have been taking care of them since birth and when the feeders need to relocate, we decided to rehome the cats as we do not wish to leave any behind. Out of the 19 cats, 14 have been rehomed, 1 ran away and we have 4 cats remaining. Grey is one of the four.  

Grey is a sociable girl and accustomed to human interactions. She is very affectionate, docile and would demand a head "sayang" from us regularly. We feel that she is ready to be rehomed and will adapt easily, so not much care guidelines to follow.

Age: 6 - 7 years old

Gender: Female

Vaccination: Yes

Adoption Ready: Yes

Litter trained: Yes

FIV/FeLV Status: Negative

Check out Grey’s Profile on CWS -

Keen to adopt or foster Grey? Email or visit Save the Caldecatts on Facebook for more info.

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