Story of Blackie

I've lived for 15-17 years with an early pelvic fracture in my hey days. However, that's not gonna stop me from having loads of fun such as soccer and fetch!

- Blackie, Male, 15-17 years old -

Blackie is an old cat – he’s 15 or more. But he’s healthy, and engaging. In his younger days he lived with a hawker couple. However, as this couple aged, they were not able to care for their cats, and Blackie landed in a shelter. He is however as agile as ever, just like a young boy.

Blackie is wearing a custom made PawGlam! Collar

Blackie is wearing a customised TribalGlam! Collar by PawGlam! Collection

More About Blackie

Fosterer's Perspective

Are these cats any different from the normal cats that we are so comfortable in interacting?

Andy : All cats are different in terms of their character, temperament, eating habits, and sleeping patterns just like any other living being in this universe. However, what differentiates shelter cats from others are that they have been accustom to a little hardship in a shelter having to mingle, share a space with many cats & care takers within a confined space. When a shelter cat transition into a permanent home they tend to adjust very quickly having a little more luxury in a comfort of a home and constantly tender loving care from their new owners. That makes a big difference.

If you have a message that you would like to reach out to potential fosterers, what would it be?

Andy : Fostering means a little sacrifice, new change and challenges with a foster pet making the transition to a permanent home easier but that's life even without fostering. It's fine to make mistakes or having a tough time with your foster pet and your own pet's but do know that if you love and care for any pet they will love you back always.

Did raising Blackie taught you something on life?

Andy : A fostered pet helps one self to learn and experience new changes. This helps makes things easier when new foster pet's come into a new home and of course fosterer get a chance to share these experiences of the foster pet to their new owners in the process of adoption.


He is one of 60+ cats who previously lived with Aunty T in Joo Chiat before he moved out to a shelter in Aug 2013. Now at about 15 years old, he is still waiting for his forever home.

He keeps himself busy in Lucky Cat Inn by inspecting the corridors daily, playing fetch (like a puppy) with his carer and also emptying his bowels several times a day.

This is a good thing for Blackie, who needs a special diet and medication to keep his poo soft enough to pass through his narrow pelvic zone. It was fractured when he was young.

Otherwise Blackie is healthy, alert, sociable and energetic.

Age :15-17

Gender : Male

Vaccination :Vaccinated

Adoption Ready : Yes

Litter trained : Yes

FIV /FeLV Status : Negative

Check out Blackie’s Profile on CWS -

Keen to adopt Blackie? Contact Andy - or email for more information about Blackie.

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